Many roads lead to Taichung

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Eurasian trade is being revived not only by China's new initiative of superlatives – the “New Silk Road” – that was announced with an investment of US$ 900 billion. DHL’s expanding interational network is speeding up transit times, implementing environmentally-responsible alternatives and offering additional services such as customs clearance and shipment monitoring.

Piraeus – hub to three continents

For example, through Greece’s Piraeus Port Hub, a multimodal ocean freight and road transport solution for shipments between Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Among other advantages: More than nine days shorter transit times to and from Europe and onward transport as a full truck load, which avoids the need for return transport of empty containers.

By sea and rail from Warsaw to Taichung

The fast-growing DHL transport network in North Asia allows customers in Europe to ship full container loads door-to-door by rail to Taichung in Taiwan (see picture on right) This important port city is connected to the Warsaw-Suzhou rail network by sea. Two advantages: Shorter transit times than by sea freight, and cost and emission savings of around 85 percent compared with air travel.

Door-to-door all the way to China

The Hamburg-Suzhou route is another freight rail connection to China that is in operation several times a week. Here DHL Freight scores with door-to-door delivery by truck over the last mile, complete supply chain transparency, environmentally friendly transport conditions and a transit time of only 17 days.

The new Silk Road is China's superlative infrastructure project.

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