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Knowledge means quality



Where to look for world champions of logistics – and where not As it is the case with all services, quality in logistics is as important as the costs. Punctuality, reliability and payload security are but a few of the many aspects forwarders take into account when choosing their freight carrier. To deliver on all these issues, knowledge is at a premium. Regardless if the questions concern customs regulations, traffic obstructions like long term construction work or statutes pertaining the transportation of dangerous goods. In its Logistics Performance Index (LPI), the World Bank surveyed the logistics industries of 160 states. It examined a plethora of different logistics criteria – including the “competence and quality of logistics services”. The ranking is lead by Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, regardless if one takes into account Europe alone or the whole world. Globally, Singapore at fifth place is the first non-european country listed, following Austria. At the bottom of the ranking one does find Syria, Haiti and Mauretania – all three aggrieved by civil wars, natural disasters or climatic conditions.

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