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“We are pioneers of green logistics”

With Eurapid, DHL Freight is offering the first climate-neutral road freight premium service on European roads at no additional cost. Antje Huber, SVP Marketing & Strategy and responsible for green logistics at DHL Freight, explains how customers and their supply chains benefit from the offer.

Why is DHL Freight now offering its premium product Eurapid climate-neutrally?

Till now, the delivery speed of shipments and a low price have been the primary focus of customer demand, but especially in the road transport and general cargo business there is a growing need for environmentally friendly solutions and a lot of potential for emission savings. In addition to complex customized solutions, which we have already been offering for years, our customers now demand simple yet high-quality products. Our product DHL Freight Eurapid offers just that – climate-neutral groupage service at no extra charge on European roads. Not only do we cover 95% of all business addresses in 25 European countries, but we also reach the most important economic regions within 24–48 hours with the highest priority and offer certified climate neutralization along the entire supply chain at no additional cost to our customers. We want to become greener and reduce our carbon footprint on the road to “zero emissions”. A climate-neutral product is an important step that will be followed by many more.

How important is green logistics in the DHL Freight strategy in general?

Green logistics is a central element of the FREIGHT 2025 strategy and part of our DNA. Sustainability plays an essential role in our three strategic goals of becoming the employer, service provider and investment of choice. Being a pioneer in this area corresponds to the growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions. Our group-wide environmental protection program “GoGreen”, for example, supports resource-saving business models with green logistics chains in order to reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions and cut all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. This is not just idle talk. We are serious about it and are happy to be measured by it.

The fact that we offer Eurapid climate-neutral – at no extra cost to our customers – is an important step on our way to becoming completely climate-neutral by 2050.

Antje Huber, SVP Marketing & Strategy and responsible for green logistics at DHL Freight (© DHL Freight)

How does DHL Freight contribute to the goal of achieving zero emissions by 2050?

As a logistics provider pursuing an asset-light strategy, this is certainly not an easy target to reach and can only be successful if we work closely with our customers and transport companies, as well as with technology providers. By acting together, we can put climate-neutral logistics on the road. Team spirit is required here and we owe this effort not only to ourselves but also to our children. Time is pressing. Our sustainability goal is both a vision and a clear statement. Among other things, we are testing new forms of drive trains and alternative fuels. In Germany, Belgium and Sweden, for example, we use LNG trucks in long-distance transport and have thereby already reduced our CO2 emissions in Sweden by 50%. In local transport, we are offering rapidly implementable new fuel-reducing technologies. One example is TRAILAR, a solar energy collection mat mounted on the roofs of our trailers, or testing the first electric truck models in urban transport. In addition, we are also reviewing the aerodynamics of our vehicles and testing so-called rear flaps to minimize turbulence, as well as using specially shaped “teardrop” trailers with optimized flow resistance in long-distance transport. We are also planning and installing energy-efficient systems and controls in our terminals while at the same time training our employees to become certified GoGreen logistics specialists. In other words, we are matching a lot of small pieces of a puzzle which, when put together, support our common goal.

How do your customers and their supply chains benefit from DHL Freight's green solutions?

Through GoGreen, we have been helping our customers for years to make their supply chains more sustainable and achieve their own environmental goals. We start where the greatest efficiency improvements are possible – from pickup to delivery. With our solutions mentioned above, we minimize or even completely avoid logistics-based emissions, waste and other environmental impacts. The interaction of transparency, optimization of the environmental balance sheet and emissions compensation is decisive in this respect. From warehousing and emissions monitoring to environmentally efficient supply chain optimization or modal shift, we provide our customers with advice, tools and individual solutions at every step taken to support sustainable logistics. But, this can only work if all parties involved make their individual contributions and are also prepared to invest in new technologies.

And what if emissions cannot yet be entirely avoided?

Unfortunately, emissions cannot be completely avoided at present – the relevant technologies are simply not yet available. But this is precisely why we are investing in recognized global climate protection projects, which are also accessible to our customers. That creates an opportunity for everyone to make a contribution. In supporting these projects, we compensate emissions that have been generated during transportation. So, for example, when customers book our premium product Eurapid, we guarantee certified climate neutralization along their entire supply chain. All our projects meet high international standards. We are also working on many other topics, such as carrier certification and a long-term technology roadmap, to name just two examples. It is too early to go into details, yet. However, as you can see, there are many initiatives and opportunities. Our main ambition is to get started without waiting for others. And the time is now. We look forward to working together with you to reach our joint environmental sustainability goals!

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