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The new Freight Quotation Tool allows DHL Freight customers and prospects to get information on the prices of scheduled shipments in seconds without even having to register. For instance, how much does it cost to ship a 1,200-kilo pallet from Munich to Bilbao? Or how long will a 450-kilo power generator take to get from Stockholm to Rome? DHL Freight answers these and other questions at lightning speed: the new Freight Quotation Tool allows shippers to find out what it will cost to transport their freight overland and how long it will take in just a few clicks. Completely without obligation, with no long waiting time in hotline queues or time-consuming registration processes.

Strategy for digitisation

"Our Freight Quotation Tool represents a further step in our quest to improve the transparency and accessibility of our transportation services using simple digital solutions. The tool also marks an important milestone in our drive towards digitisation as part of our Freight 2020 strategy, the aim of which is to become the undisputed market and quality leader in road transport," states Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight.

Application in 23 languages

The new online application is available in 28 countries and 23 different languages. The use of the customer's native language serves to avoid misunderstandings and helps customers to understand the service on offer.

Details can be entered quickly

The Freight Quotation Tool covers shipment weights up to 2,500 kilos – and is very easy to use: after selecting his own country, the customer enters the postal codes for the departure point and destination for his shipment. He then adds details such as the weight, number of packages and stackability. Once he has completed all the fields, he receives detailed information on the prices of all available shipping options, including estimated transit times. Completing the enquiry takes less than five minutes, even for inexperienced users.

Rapid overview

Only at this juncture, with the price comparison between the services from DHL Freight Eurapid and DHL Freight EuroConnect and exact information on possible additional costs as well as insurance in front of him, the customer can choose. If the customer accepts one of the offers, he simply enters his contact details in the next step. Customer Service at DHL Freight then takes care of the further processing of the order. With the Freight Quotation Tool, DHL Freight provides shippers with the opportunity to quickly receive a transparent estimate for shipping their freight in a very complex and highly competitive market. Especially small to medium-sized enterprises without large logistics departments and with few resources available for intensively analysing the customer service at a logistics company can benefit from this tool and that's what makes it so user-friendly. Click here for more information:

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