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6 Tips to Consider for Pallet Transport

In the transport industry, almost all types of goods are transported on pallets. The Euro pallet is the most common form of a loading aid. However, there are several things to consider when transporting palletized goods. Truck drivers can refuse transport if the pallets are not packed correctly - not only do safety problems lurk here, but also additional costs for the shippers. Companies that want to carry out a pallet transport cheaply with a reliable forwarding agency should consider the following tips.

Transporting goods as pallet transport is probably the most frequently carried out transport variant in road freight transport. Freight weighing more than 31.5 kilograms must be able to be transported on pallets for health and safety reasons. Whether general cargo, bulky goods, partial loads or complete loads - they are all closely connected with pallet transport.  

Of all pallet types, Euro pallets are the most commonly used. They have the great advantage that they are made of very stable wood, so they can be used again and again. They also have a standardized size of 120 x 80 x 15 centimeters. In some cases, disposable pallets can also be used for pallet transport. These are only used once and are made of different materials depending on the transported goods - these can be plastic, corrugated cardboard or wood. Unlike Euro pallets, disposable pallets have different dimensions.

6 Tips for Pallet Transport:

  1. Choose the right pallet
  2. Stack goods on top of each other
  3. Don't let anything protrude
  4. Keep freight flat
  5. Clear labeling
  6. Secure shipments on the pallet

How to Properly Pack Goods on Pallets Anyone who wants to transport freight goods using pallets can contribute to ensuring that their goods arrive safely at their destination. Shipping companies should consider the following tips:

  • Choose the right pallet

It sounds banal: You should only use pallets that are so large that the shipment fits completely on it and does not protrude at the edges. Small pallets are cheaper than larger ones, but those who save here risk not only damage to the goods, but also that the pallet is not taken by the transport company. In addition, you should make sure that the pallet is in good condition.

  • Stack goods on top of each other

If you want to ship boxes on a pallet, these must be stacked columnar on top of each other. You should also make sure to distribute the weight evenly on the pallet.

  • Don't let anything protrude

If items protrude on the sides of pallets, these can easily be damaged. In their own interest, companies should ensure that their goods are flush with the pallet. It could also be that the truck driver does not accept such packed pallets in order to prevent possible recourse claims to the forwarding agency in advance.

  • Keep freight flat

The flatter the pallet is packed, the lower the risk that goods will be lost or damaged.

  • Clear labeling

As with any type of transport, shipping companies must ensure that the cargo is sufficiently labeled with address labels and, if necessary, instructions for action when shipping on pallets. This also includes: remove possible old labels. To ensure that the label sticks perfectly to the shipment, it is best to place the label on the cardboard and not on plastic.

  • Secure shipments on the pallet

The best way to secure the goods is with the help of film, such as with a strapping or banding. If you wrap the items on the pallet in shrink film, you should make sure that the shrink film also encloses the base of the pallet.

If companies are planning a pallet shipment and consider the tips described in this article, nothing stands in the way of successful and safe transport of palletized goods.

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