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Transport of Dangerous Goods

What is Transport of Dangerous Goods?

The term dangerous goods transport describes the movement of dangerous goods from one point to the other. The transportation of dangerous goods has stipulated rules which all transport companies must adhere to.

The Transport of Dangerous Goods Act, stipulates that dangerous goods are substances and objects which, by their nature, condition or properties, pose a threat to public order or safety - above all, therefore, to the life and health of people, animals and things.

In an highly industrialised society, such dangerous goods are frequently used. In the context of transport, it is important to protect the safety, life and health of the general public by exercising the utmost care and reliability. In this context, appropriate equipment of the vehicle fleet and training of employees are indispensable to ensure the safe transport of sensitive goods.

In addition, an international set of rules (ADR) has been created which is valid in many countries depending on the mode of transport. In Germany, for example, dangerous goods can be transported by truck, train, ship or plane.