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Timber Transport

What is Timber Transport?

Timber transport is the movement of timber from one place to another. The timber transport usually enables a link between a forest and mill. Regardless of what type of timber is to be transported, the appropriate commercial vehicles are used. The timber transport can be by road, rail, ship or a waterway. Depending on the region and distance, intermodal transport may be used. The most prevail mode of transporting timber is via road transport.

For short timber vehicles, they are suitable for timber lengths of up to 6 metres. On the other hand, long timber vehicles are designed for transporting heavy and timber of up to 22 metres in length.

Wood is a versatile and environmentally friendly material. Therefore, various human needs can be manufactured using timber. Examples are furniture, paper, houses, floors. As a result, timber is one of the most widely used plant products in the world.

The transportation of timber from one point to the other!