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Control Centre

What is a Control Centre?

A control centre is a tool for visualising current procedures, states and situations of logistical processes. It is not a stand-alone system, but rather an extension of an already existing system. In intralogistics, the control centre represents a central point of a warehouse management system, which supports responsible employees in the entire warehouse operation control. Key figures are merged, intralogistic processes are processed and evaluated.

The control centre is based on a data collector which takes the information from the database of the operative system and stores it for further evaluation. It is configured by the user himself, who can freely define which key figures he wants to display and evaluate. In this way, it is possible to react in a targeted manner to internal disturbances and unforeseen events, so as not to jeopardise the smooth flow of materials within the warehouse. With the control centre, a considerable increase in production and cost reduction can be achieved.

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