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AMS Filing

What is AMS Filing?

AMS filing, also known as Automated Manifest System filing, is a document submitted to the US customs describing all the goods bound for the country. The document must be filed 24 hours prior to the departure of a ship from the port of loading.

The AMS filing was adopted by the US in 2004 to ensure security and safety. In short, the system is used for freight tracking and to clamp down on potential security threats. Apart from the transportation via sea, the system is also applicable to other mode of transportation such as air, rail and land.

AMS filing is done in two ways:

  • Cargo reporting: an Importer Security Filing (ISF), in addition to other documents, must be submitted at least 24 hours before the shipment is loaded onboard the transportation mode.
  • Conveyance report: a customs entry lodgement is to be submitted before the ship arrives at the port.

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