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DHL Freight appoints Baxter Freight as its UK sales partner

Customers in the UK now benefit from Baxter’s network and transport capacities. DHL Freight will also make use of Baxter Freight as its handling agent in UK and to continental Europe, with daily services between the UK and DHL’s European network. Cooperation builds on the success of the Nordic partnership between DHL Freight and Baxter Freight signed in 2017.

DHL Freight has entered into a strategic partnership with UK logistics provider Baxter Freight for freight transport in the UK and between the UK and continental Europe. DHL customers will benefit from Baxter’s wide network and transport capacities in the UK. DHL Freight will give Baxter Freight access to its European groupage network, as well as its full and part load trucking capacity and intermodal offering. As DHL Freight’s sales partner in the UK, the customer service driven British logistics provider will be able to provide its customers with even more innovative DHL Freight solutions.

“We have chosen to partner with Baxter Freight because of their customer service driven reputation and sales focused strategy, both of which are needed if we are to grow in the UK market in the current climate. With our partnership in the UK, we are able to offer our customers even more flexible and personalized services. I’m excited to see where the next steps take us as we jointly develop business between the UK and the rest of Europe”

Thomas Vogel
COO DHL Freight

DHL Freight will benefit from higher volumes and Baxter’s ability to reload equipment out of the UK. In addition, Baxter Freight will also use DHL Freight’s intermodal services, adding environmentally friendly logistics to its portfolio. The companies will also work together on major tenders, combining the strengths of an entrepreneurial mid-sized British company with the sheer scale and depth of infrastructure of a pre-eminent global logistics brand.

“Our partnership with DHL Freight combines our experience as a medium-sized, fast-growing British logistics provider with the global market leader in this sector. Together we will deliver innovative, high quality, cost-effective solutions for our customers, helping them to optimise their logistics and improve their competitiveness in these complicated times. In these circumstances, people are expecting their logistics providers to deliver market-leading customer service, value for money and long-term support, factors that this partnership exemplifies.”

Ian Baxter
Chairman of Baxter Freight


Tina-Marie Adam



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