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Update on DHL Freight Network


Network Improvements
Service improvementGermany to HungaryGateway setup in Nuremberg has been optimized, so that we can now offer a 48h e2e service from Germany to whole Hungary.
New direct connectionItaly to SwitzerlandA new daily line from Milano to Zurich connects Northern Italy and Switzerland now with a direct and more reliable 48 hour service.
Service improvementSweden to Germany and FinlandNetwork Connections from Sweden to Finland and Germany have been re-designed to allow now for a 48h country to country.
Service improvementFlorence to FranceConnections from Florence area to France have been improved to offer a faster and more competitive service for our customers.
New direct connectionEurope to IranDHL Freight established a new Euroconnect service to Iran with Frankfurt and Istanbul as the main gateways and competence centers for our Network. An experienced partner is at hand to ensure everything goes smoothly on location. Read more
New direct connectionSouth-west Germany to South France and v.v.A new daily roundtrip has been established between Herbolzheim and Lyon. The new setup allows for a more reliable 48h e2e service from South-west Germany to South France and v.v.
New direct connectionBerlin to WarsawA new daily connection has been installed to allow for a 24h service door-to-door from north-east Germany to Warsaw’s main industrial areas.
Service improvementDenmark to EuropeExport setups from Denmark to Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, France and Italy have been optimized in regards to service levels, quality and reliability for our customers.

Lead time information can be obtained via the DHL Freight LeadTime Calculator.

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