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Update on DHL Freight Network


Network Improvements
New Euroconnect serviceWestern and Central Europe to the Republic of CyprusWith immediate effect DHL Freight’s network has been extended by a new standard service into the Republic of Cyprus. With a road-/sea-freight combination the lead time for our customers could be reduced by 30-50% in comparison to pure ocean-freight solutions from Western & Central Europe.
New direct connectionBenelux to HungaryA new daily direct line has been implemented from Belgium and Netherlands to Hungary to allow for a sustainable 48h service from the main industrial areas into Budapest area and 72h for the rest of Hungary.
Service improvementCentral Spain to Germany and v.v.With a new roundtrip from Madrid to Freiburg and v.v. the service level for our customers could be improved by 1 day, allowing now for a 48h service from / to the main industrial areas of both countries for all pick up days.
Service improvementSweden to the BalticsA new HUB-solution from Sweden to the Baltics has been introduced to ensure a harmonized and reliable 72h service door-to-door from Sweden to all main industrial areas in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Service improvementNorthern Germany to BeneluxThe network setup between Northern Germany and Benelux has been optimized to ensure now a reliable 24h door-to-door service for our customers from Hannover area to Belgium and from Neumuenster area to Belgium & Netherlands.
This has been realized with the integration of 3 additional roundtrip connections between Herbolzheim – Torino, Neu-Ulm - Verona and Munich – Milano.
Service improvementBelgium to SwitzerlandThe connection between Belgium and Switzerland has been improved to allow now for a daily 48h service from pick-up to delivery.
Service improvementEurope to Eastern SwitzerlandThe Line-haul setup into DHL Freight Terminal in Buchs, Switzerland has been optimized in order to improve the service by 1 day from many regions in Europe to Eastern Switzerland.

Lead time information can be obtained via the DHL Freight LeadTime Calculator.

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