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Update on DHL Freight Network

Network Improvements

Service improvementSpain to SwedenThe network setup from Spain to Sweden has been re-structured in order to offer now an on average 1 day quicker service for our customers.
New direct connectionWestern Germany to BENELUX A new daily direct line has been implemented from DHL Freight’s terminal in Sehlem to Belgium and Netherlands to allow now for a 24h door-to-door service from the area around Trier to BENELUX.
Service improvementEurope to Morocco and v.v.A new network concept including operational and technical improvements has been established between DHL Freight’s HUBs in Lyon, Tangier and Casablanca to allow now for a faster and more reliable service from each point in Europe to Morocco and v.v.
New direct connectionSouth East Germany to BENELUXA new daily direct line has been implemented from Nuremberg to Belgium and Netherlands to allow for a very reliable 48h door-to-door service from the main industrial areas in Southeast Germany to BENELUX.
Service improvementBulgaria to rest of Europe and v.v. Within DHL Freight’s network a new speed setup has been established reducing the standard lead time for our customers to and from Bulgaria by on average 1 day from pick-up to delivery.
Service improvementRest of Europe to IberiaAn additional daily speed line from our Iberia HUB in Cologne has been implemented to further increase the reliability of the DHL Freight’s LTL service from all main European industrial areas to Iberia.
Service improvementCroatia and Slovenia to Rest of Europe and v.v.A new HUB concept between Croatia, Slovenia and Nuremberg has been introduced to further increase the service reliability from these countries to rest of Europe and v.v.
Lead time information can be obtained via the DHL Freight LeadTime Calculator.
Information about the freight rates for your goods are available via our Freight Quote Tool.

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