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Smart anti-theft security


Preventing the theft of goods with special tracking solutions The theft of goods from trucks is a real problem, which by no means only concerns certain countries that are deemed to be unsafe. The Transported Asset Protection Association Europe (TAPA) is also aware of that. The association of various security specialists and logistics companies has set itself the goal of making life as difficult as possible for thieves. To that end the TAPA develops industrial standards on all levels, for the protection of facilities and transport points just as well as the shipping itself. In order to qualify for a security certificate, the TAPA requires, among other things, security services, camera surveillance and alarm devices on the trucks as well as real-time tracking as a part of a professional security management. The TAPA’s reported incident numbers show how badly such measures are needed: For example, the latest annual statistics show an increase in thefts in Germany of 42.5 percent. In roughly half of these reported incidents, a loss value was stated in the TAPA Database, adding up to 4.151.838 Euros. On average, a single incident created damages worth 72.839 Euros. The situation in the UK is even worse: The number of reported incidents almost doubled from 88 to 175. And these figures reflect only those incidents that were reported by TAPA members. These damages alone amounted to around 75 million Euros. DHL Hungary offers an option to protect valuable freight shipments: DHL Security Service: The heart of it is an online monitoring center located in Budapest. This is where staff monitors valuable DHL Freight Hungary handled goods all over Europe around the clock by phone and tracking system. If there are any irregularities, the specialists will notice it immediately. Zoltán Debreczeni, Head of Security, Infrastructure and H&S at DHL Freight Hungary: „Thanks to special softwares, our coworkers are constantly aware of current theft hot-spots and can give the vehicles appropriate instructions for the route, in particular when it comes to planning breaks. Thus, we can avoid rest periods in particularly vulnerable or risky car parks. The databases are constantly fed with current events for this purpose.” Different security intelligence reports are requested from international sources, i.e. TAPA IIS or FreightWatch, to create a broad knowledge base. These are analysed by security operators, and they inform the drivers on relevant routes of potential risks, all in real time. This special know–how is always up to date, and also available for responsible DHL operational staff on a 24/7-base as the monitoring room is located within the same building as the DHL staff. In any case, DHL Freight actually request to have drivers spend their rest periods in pre-allowed facilities anyway.

DHL Security Service:
  • 24/7 tracking
  • Box or reinforced tilt trailer usage
  • Two drivers (on request)
  • Particularly secure cargo terminals
  • Electronic proof of arrival
  • Proactive security management based on constantly updated data
  • Alarm system with radio transmission on the trailer back doors as well as in the driver cab
  • Two way communication system in place, together with panic button

Of course, such close monitoring has even more advantages for the customers. “We can provide constant, up-to-date information on whether the delivery is still on time or whether there are any delays, for example through traffic jams. With temperature-critical loads even permanent monitoring of the climate data of the vehicle is possible”, explains Zoltán Debreczeni. Together with the other measures in the context of this type of security services this ensures that the cargo actually arrives at its intended destination – and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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