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“Era of Logistics”: DHL’s solutions to the challenges of e-commerce and more sustainability in supply chains

“Era of Logistics”: DHL’s solutions to the challenges of e-commerce and more sustainability in supply chains

At the DHL Logistics & Supply Chain Summit, discussions, evaluations and, above all, many exciting insights were shared. From e-commerce to COVID-19 – logistics is booming. The greatest minds have now shared their know-how and described which impulses need to be set now and what the solutions for tomorrow’s problems may be.

More innovation in logistics is key to top performance

The DHL Logistics & Supply Chain Summit in June was a 24-hour event, focusing on the digitalization of logistics. The globally organized summit with prominent guest speakers attracted close to 8,000 participants. The event was titled “The Era of Logistics” and touched upon current trends and other aspects with impact on the logistics industry.

About 8,000 participants, a global 24-hour event: DHL defined a new benchmark for digital events on logistics innovation with the DHL Logistics & Supply Chain Summit.
About 8,000 participants, a global 24-hour event: DHL defined a new benchmark for digital events on logistics innovation with the DHL Logistics & Supply Chain Summit.

In his opening address, Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group, described the increasing speed of digitalization. Artificial intelligence is transforming industries even more so. The boom of e-commerce is not just a result of the pandemic. “E-Commerce will grow even more important in B2B business,” Frank Appel pointed out.

Frank AppelThe growth of both B2B and B2C e-commerce will last much longer than the current pandemic. We encourage our customers to start e-commerce concepts if they haven’t done so yet.

Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group

E-commerce demands flexible digital innovation

Deutsche Post DHL Group is well-prepared to meet customers’ e-commerce needs.

  • DPDHL is capable of serving all customer segments
  • The company focusses on customer experience
  • DPDHL offers seamless service – from click to last-mile delivery
  • The digital infrastructure at DPDHL is flexible and easily scalable

No matter if you are looking for convenience, transparent supply chains, help in your daily business or a fast turnaround thanks to technical innovation: Deutsche Post DHL is investing in improvements and is a proactive partner for customers.

  • The online platform myDHLi has recently expanded its scope from air and ocean freight to road freight. The successful portal excels with additional features: it is user friendly, individually customizable, and it delivers unparalleled transparency.
  • Logistics robots in warehouses support the teams and improve processes. These silent helpers add to DPDHL’s top performance in terms of internal logistics and clients benefit from more speed and efficiency.

The transformation of supply chains was another central issue at the DHL Logistics & Supply Chain Summit.

Katja BuschIt is impossible to overstate the importance of logistics to the success of organizations and businesses around the world. It really has come to the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Katja Busch, Head of DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation (CSI)

In the global health crisis, DPDHL proved competent and capable in vaccine logistics, including:

  • Transporting different vaccines in unprecedented volume
  • Global delivery
  • Sustaining a highly-sensitive cold chain with extreme temperatures
  • Real-time tracking

More than 9,000 specialists work across DHL's dedicated global network so that pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, clinical trials and research organizations, and distributors, as well as hospitals and healthcare providers are connected across the value chain.

Within its portfolio for this sector, DHL deploys 150+ pharmacists and operates 20+ clinical trials depots, 100+ certified stations, 160+ GDP-qualified warehouses, 15+ GMP-certified sites, 135+ medical express sites, and a time-definite international express network covering 220 countries and territories.

Fragile supply chains, climate change, and sustainability: more innovation is needed

Not only the pandemic is reshaping currently established supply chains. As the DHL Logistics & Supply Chain Summit has shown, the new “Era of Logistics” is informed by megatrends like:

  • Trade conflicts and their impact on transportation chains
  • Measures to contain man-made climate change, which will change logistics long-term

Because of that, DPDHL Group has accelerated its roadmap to decarbonization, investing more €7 billion in climate-neutral logistics until 2030.

More sustainability in road freight: targets, plans, and solutions

For DHL Freight sustainability and reduction of emissions are important agenda items, too. “This will be achieved through our Truck Technology Roadmap, among other things,” Uwe Brinks, CEO of DHL Freight, says. Its key elements are:

  • The efficient combination of road and rail for an ecological sustainable supply chain
  • The use of bio-LNG as a bridge-technology fuel
  • Long-term refitting of trucks to sustainable-fuel drives, such as hydrogen or electric

This way, DHL Freight will reduce CO2 emissions by 1.2 million tons until 2030 and reach the zero emissions target by 2050.

Summit presents new perspectives for innovation in logistics

Opinion leaders and spokespeople of the logistics sector as well as economics greats provided exciting inspiration at the DHL Logistics & Supply Chain Summit. Together, they shed light upon the challenges and opportunities of the age of e-commerce. You can watch the highlights of the event here:

Logistics Innovations

myDHLi: More digitization and convenience in road freight

What’s behind the robot boom in warehousing?

DHL Freight Terminal for the Future

Logistics after the virus: We aren’t in Kansas anymore

To boost sustainability, we need “legislative incentives that stimulate climate investments”

Green Logistics White Paper: How companies can achieve their climate goals

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