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Clear price indication for transport requests


Did you get a fair offer on your transport order? Saloodo! provides shippers and freight forwarders with a good sense for realistic prices. Too expensive or too cheap – especially in a highly competitive market like road haulage, it's not easy to know whether an offered transport price really corresponds to the current market situation. Overly inexpensive offers might lead to doubts about quality, while expensive offers are annoying and can make shippers feel like they're getting ripped off. On Saloodo!, the digital freight platform from DHL, shippers receive an estimated price for the transport of every shipment order they enter.

Price-indication in real-time

To provide these estimates, Saloodo! uses a specialized algorithm that determines a reliable price indication for every shipment order using machine learning. Prices are based on a real-time database that is continuously growing. The current market situation, shipment details, and available truck capacities are also included in the calculations. In addition the system also recognizes seasonal fluctuations and disparities on certain routes.

In line with the market?

This results in a reliable price indication for the shipper's transport request. The shipper can immediately see whether the transport offer is within the given range or deviates substantially. Another important feature is that shippers receive this price indication before they need to give a binding order acceptance. That means they benefit from full price transparency and efficiency, and can easily and reliably handle their transport logistics directly through one platform.

The price indication feature of Saloodo! provides freight forwarders with an indication if their offer is competitive [Photo: Saloodo!]
The price indication feature of Saloodo! provides freight forwarders with an indication if their offer is competitive [Photo: Saloodo!]

 Service for freight forwarders

Saloodo! also offers freight forwarders valuable support in calculating their own transport prices. The dynamic transport price calculator shows transport providers whether their prices are average, highly attractive, or non-competitive before they submit their offers. This means both parties benefit from price and cost transparency which Saloodo! offers.

Diverse features

Of course, Saloodo! provides much more than just price indications. It also offers shippers features like tracking & tracing, as well as the ability to manage freight documentation electronically through a personal dashboard. The digital freight platform gives shippers easy access to a large number of reliable and trusted transport providers. All freight forwarders will be checked for suitability before they are approved to join the platform. Transport providers, in turn, benefit from fast payment within 14 days. They also have the possibility to save preferred transport routes on their personal dashboard and to assign upcoming tours and details to their drivers via the Saloodo! Driver App.

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