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Innovation indicator: DHL presents new edition of the "DHL Logistics Trend Radar"

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Megatrends and macroeconomic forces such as Covid-19, climate change, urbanization and geopolitical events are constantly moving and accelerating the pace of change in logistics. The biennial DHL Logistics Trend Radar highlights and tracks the most important social, economic and technological trends for the logistics industry. Now DHL has published the new edition.

In the 6th edition of the DHL Logistics Trend Radar, DHL has compiled 40 trends that will help shape the direction of business, society and technology for the global logistics community over the next decade. Of these trends, decarbonization, robotics, Big Data, supply chain diversification and alternative energy solutions will have the greatest impact on logistics transformation. The report is the result of a comprehensive analysis of macro and micro trends, as well as insights from numerous customer interviews and a large network of partners, including research institutes, technology companies and startups.

“The DHL Logistics Trend Radar is used like the North Star to navigate the future by our customers, partners, and colleagues and has now been in existence for nearly 10 years,” explains Klaus Dohrmann, VP Head of Innovation Europe, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

“In this year’s edition, we introduced new trends that became more relevant to the logistics industry like Computer Vision, Interactive AI, Smart Labels and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging), while the many other trends are further clarified from the previous edition to offer more detail.”

The DHL Logistics Trend Radar is published every two years and highlights the most important social, economic and technological trends for the logistics industry and tracks their development. Since 2015, more than 70,000 visitors have gathered at DHL Innovation Centers to share insights with DHL experts and each other, thanks in part to successful virtual events during the pandemic. These insights are consolidated and reflected in the DHL Logistics Trend Radar, which serves as a strategic and unique resource for the global logistics company to help shape the direction of businesses and technologies.

Logistics Trend Radar

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