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Quick and reliable shipment to 22 different countries - with DHL Freight Eurapid From Barcelona to Duisburg, from Warsaw to Bari, from Hamburg to Turin – daily, with fixed delivery times and same-day pick-up? No problem. From now on, DHL Freight provides the Eurapid premium service for 105 regions in 22 European countries. The cargo service for shipments weighing up to 2.5 tons is possible within 24 hours for distances up to 1,000 km and within 48 hours for distances up to 2,000 km. The priority status of shipments ensures fast and precise day-definite delivery for all major European economic regions. Pre12 delivery is available at selected locations as an additional service, and same-day pick-up of the shipment is also possible. “We seamlessly connect all important European markets and provide the highest possible quality, speed and reliability through our services”, explains Uwe Brinks, CEO of DHL Freight. “Ever more customers, for example from the technology, textile and fashion industries, demand higher frequencies and reliable processing. With the new offer from DHL Freight Eurapid, we are able to meet these requirements.”

A comprehensive overview of DHL Freight Eurapid services [Illustration: DHL]
A comprehensive overview of DHL Freight Eurapid services [Illustration: DHL]

Priority services included

Freight Eurapid gives customers many advantages: daily connections, mandatory transit times, same-day pick-up and optional Pre12 delivery at the destination. Furthermore, the priority service also includes preferential shipment handling during the entire transport procedure – from booking to boarding and delivery. With priority booking, customers can take advantage of flexible, digital order management with all the required pricing information. After the dedicated booking by DHL, customers receive a confirmation in order to avoid any delays due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information.
All shipping processes are accompanied by a high-skilled and dedicated customer service team that works exclusively for Freight Eurapid. The cargo is loaded and unloaded quickly and carefully, and customers are also given standardized reports on the respective delivery times.
The DHL Freight Eurapid service is built on the backbone of the Freight Euroconnect network: With more than 2,000 international lines across Europe, the network stands for a seamless and cost-efficient door-to-door service.

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