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What does Pick-by-Voice mean?

Pick-by-Voice is a paperless picking process in which communication between the picker and the picking system takes place via voice. Instead of using the printed picklists, the order picker works with a wireless or wired headset that is connected to a standard pocket PC. Within the PC, software is used to inform the pickers about the type, number and storage location of the items to be collected.

The first voice output refers to the shelf from which goods are to be picked. Once the order picker has arrived there, an instruction follows as to how many units of the articles are to be taken from the shelf. After picking, the picker acknowledges the process with the help of keywords that the computer understands by means of speech recognition.

The advantage of this picking method is that the collection of the articles is accelerated. In addition, the pickers do not have to handle tools such as a data terminal. This reduces the error rate and the number of returns.

The pick-by-voice refers to the use of speech recognition device for picking orders in warehouses or distribution centers.

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