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Logistics Key Figures

What are Logistics Key Figures?

Logistics key figures are a transparent way of measuring performance, which can be used to efficiently monitor, analyse and optimise relevant logistics processes, such as warehouse, transport and supply chain aspects. They offer an ideal way to gain a quick overview of the logistics cost situation.

With the help of logistics key figures, possible fields of action can be identified immediately and control measures can be initiated if necessary. There are a number of important key figures that provide an indication of the economic situation of logistics. Above all, key figures that reflect the quality and productivity of logistics should be considered. Below you will find an exemplary selection of suitable logistics key figures:

  • Delivery quality = number of deliveries complained about ÷ total number of deliveries
  • Capital commitment = value of dormant stocks x storage time x interest rate
  • Inventory turnover = turnover ÷ average stock
  • Delivery flexibility = number of fulfilled special orders ÷ number of all special orders
  • Logistics costs share = logistics costs ÷ sales