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Double Blind Shipment

What is Double Blind Shipment?

A double blind shipment is when a distributor (seller) hides the identity of both a shipper and a buyer from each other. Basically, the shipper sends the shipment without knowing the exact delivery address of the buyer. Likewise, the buyer does not know who directly shipped his goods.

In this type of shipping, different Bill of Lading is used to prevent the revelation of the place of delivery. For this, only the carrier company knows the address of the final destination of the goods.

The distributor uses this method of shipping in order to prevent any direct contact between the shipper and buyer. In this case, the distributor acts as a middleman without the knowledge of the other parties involved in the shipment of the goods.

If the double blind method is not used, distributors sometimes use a "blind shipment". This means, only the buyer is kept in the dark i.e. he does not know who the shipper is.

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