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Customer satisfaction: Well scored!


The customers of DHL Freight rate our service as overall good – that is shown by the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) 2018. This is a further proof that the strategy FREIGHT 2020 is the right approach for the future. Back in May, about 40,000 customers in 31 countries were invited to take part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018 by DHL Freight. The basis for assessment is a points system ranging from zero to 100. As the result the average global rating for the overall satisfaction with DHL Freight as a company shows a satisfactory score of 76 points. Compared with 2017, this represents an improvement of one point. Also, the Net Promoter Score (NPS), an index reflecting the customer’s willingness to recommend the rendered services to other people and corporations, improved markedly by ten points, reaching +27. The nominal range of the NPS is from -100 (worst) to +100 (best). Accordingly, the proportion of those prepared to recommend DHL Freight by far outweighs the proportion of those not willing to do that.

Good ratings at the customers’ point of contact

The customers were asked to evaluate individual parts of their customer journey. During the process from the service request to booking, the most important touchpoint “point of contact” did reach a good satisfaction rating of 79 points. With an average score of 73, the also very important point “customer solutions” was positioned directly behind. Both areas improved by one point in comparison to last year’s result. Within the process from pickup to payment, nearly all queried customer demands did receive good ratings within the upper third of the points scale – thus, the average for “delivery with the highest priority” was rated at 79. In the third main category of “problem solving competency” there is still a little bit to be desired. Not at least because the rates in the categories “exception handling” and “complaints management” dropped slightly, compared with 2017 numbers.

On eye level with the competitors

All together 52 percent of the customer’s named DHL Freight as their main logistics partner. “We value our customers’ feedback as very important for our work. We now know in which areas we have to improve. Regarding the overall picture, we are on eye level with the other big players in the market. At the moment we are in the process of analyzing some identified steps in detail and will, where necessary, act rather quickly”, says Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight. In the course of this it was a significant part to get an insight from the customers’ perspective about which aspects of good transportation are the most important for them. On-time delivery, fast lead times und the security of the transported items were named as the top three in this regard. A little bit behind were the supply chain transparency and environmentally friendly transportation.

Direct contact is a definite plus

Another gratifying result of the survey: In the customer’s opinion, the IT-connections and the close contact to the sales representatives are the main strengths of DHL Freight. And these aspects will also be the future focus of the company based in Bonn. “With the direction of our strategy FREIGHT 2020, we are treading along the correct path. Because we are executing more time with every customer for our sales team and are constantly adjusting our IT architecture to new demands. With all that, we have made another leap forward on the way to realize our goal of being uncontested market leader in ground transportation”, summarizes Uwe Brinks the results. As a heartfelt “Thank you!” for the response on the questionnaire, DHL Freight will plant trees according to its sustainability strategy GoGreen (more about the DPDHL initiative GoGreen here).

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