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Join the Big DHL Freight European Championship Predictor Game!

One month left until the opening match between Germany and Scotland in Munich will kick off the European Football Championship 2024. Divided into six groups of four teams each, the participating nations will spend a month competing to become the best football nation in Europe. To make this great sporting event even more exciting for you, we invite you to take part in our DHL Freight Predictor Game!

The European Championship Predictor Game in Brief

Whether you work for DHL Freight, are a DHL Freight customer, our business partner or simply like the company: In our Predictor Game you will find like-minded, passionate football fans with whom you can test your knowledge. Our European Championship Predictor Game is available in eight languages – just click on "Become a member", register, and place your first predictions for the group stage. You can do this right up until the kick-off of each match – see the rules below for more details.

Register and participate now:

To keep you informed of upcoming matches during the European Championship, you can download our European Championship match schedule here:

We wish you good luck with your predictions – and even more fun watching!

Game rules

The aim of the European Championship Predictor Game is to predict the results of all matches as accurately as possible and collect as many points as possible.

The tip for a match must be submitted before the official start of the match. After that, the betting system closes automatically and no further bets can be entered - even if the match is delayed.

Awarding points for match tips

Points can be collected for every result that is predicted exactly or with a tendency to be correct. Points are awarded based on the following logic:

 TendencyGoal differenceResult
Draw2 4

4 Points = exactly correct result (e.g. bet 2:1 and result 2:1)

3 Points = correct goal difference (e.g. bet 2:1 and result 3:2; bet 0:0 and result 1:1)

2 Points = correct tendency (e.g. tip 2:1 and result 4:0)

0 Points = wrong result, wrong tendency and wrong goal difference (e.g. betting tip 2:1 and result 0:3)

Note: The official final result, including extra time and (possible) penalty shoot-out, always applies. This is particularly important during the knockout phase, as a winner must be determined in these matches. A draw is no longer possible from the knockout phase onwards.

Tied on points: If there is a tie in the total number of points, the number of matchday victories ("wins") determines the placement of the tipsters.

Tip submission rule: The betting time ends 0 minutes before the official start of the match of the respective event.

Visibility of the tips: The tips are only visible when the betting time has expired.

Points awarded for general bonus questions

In addition to the match tips, further points can be collected by answering 2 bonus questions. The general bonus questions must be answered BEFORE the kick-off of the first match on 14.06.2024 by 20:59 CET. If this time is exceeded, it will unfortunately no longer be possible to save your answer and valuable points will be lost.

Note: Points for bonus questions will be deducted at the end of the prediction game. The number of bonus points received can be viewed in the ranking list.


All DHL Group employees as well as employees of customers and partners can register for the Predictor Game. DHL Group employees take part as private individuals and therefore do not necessarily have to register with their DHL e-mail address. Registration takes place via the website > Become a member.

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