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Bridge to Iran


DIHK: German companies very much interested in Iran business “Due to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the settlement of the atomic controversy in the year 2015, the interest in doing business in Iran has increased noticeably. 43 of the 79 German Chambers of Industry and Commerce noted a general increase in 2015 and 26 even a strong increase of consulting requirements compared to the previous year.“ Source: Federation of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Foreign Trade Report 2016

“We are delighted about the new possibilities arising in the Iranian market. The recent political and economic developments present great potential for doing business. With their years of expertise, our competence centers want to support companies in realizing this potential by expanding their trade relations in Iran,” stated Amadou Diallo, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Freight. DHL Freight has defined multiple core services such as weekly departures of groupage shipments to Teheran from the gateway in Frankfurt am Main. The services also cover transportation of dangerous goods, temperature controlled shipments (+2 to +25 degrees Celsius), warehouse logistics, customs clearance and GPS tracking of cargo. In addition, cargo from all over Europe destined for Iran can be handled via the DHL Freight network. DHL Freight has found a competent logistics partner on location in order to ensure the smooth and reliable flow of shipments: Aryamasir International Transport Co. Ltd has many years of experience in road and rail transport and is very familiar with the regional needs. The company operates from Tehran as well as the port city of Bandar Abbas in the south of Iran. “We are the only logistics company in our country that has its own storage capacities in customs clearance – thus our customers save time and administration expense in regard to the import formalities“, explains Chairman Amir Shirazian.

Chairman Amir Shirazian [Photo: Aryamasir International Transport Co. Ltd]
Aryamasir Chairman Amir Shirazian [Photo: Aryamasir International Transport Co. Ltd]

German-Iranian economic relations have evolved historically. About 30 percent of the industrial infrastructure in Iran is made in Germany. With the enforcement of international sanctions, the economic relationship slowed down since 2007 and only started a positive development in 2014 with a trading volume of EUR 2.69 billion. However, in 2015 this amount decreased again by 10 percent. With the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the sanctions on Iran are now being lifted in multiple phases. The second phase will be completed by October 2023 at the latest and the full removal, the so-called Termination Day is supposed to be achieved in 2025.
“For the German economy this provides the chance of receiving orders worth billions“, says the Head of Foreign Trade of the Federation of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), Volker Treier. Iran has the fourth-largest oil reserves and the second-largest gas reserves in the world. In the oil business alone, the state is planning to initiate projects to the amount of roughly EUR 170 billion.

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