Tag: Logistics

Update on DHL Freight Network

Network Improvements Lead time information can be obtained via the DHL Freight LeadTime Calculator. Information about the freight rates for [...]

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Passing a camel through a needle's eye!

Video of the month Please park it, Sir! What tends to be difficult at times even with the car at [...]

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Quality – signed and sealed

It is a clearly visible sign for highest quality and environmental standards: DHL Freight has received certification of its global [...]

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Flexibility is the clincher on the last mile

In 2030, 600 million more humans will live in the world’s metropolitan areas compared to today. DHL has identified the four [...]

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Driver recruiting: Jobs with a perspective!

The problem of driver shortage within the logistics sector could lead to significant capacity shortages in the near future. To [...]

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New connection: Record time to Cyprus

DHL Freight opened a fast route to the Levant. Compared to traditional sea freight, goods on the combined road-sea connection [...]

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