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A new Control Tower for customs services and a growing network of local DHL Freight customs offices make cross-border trade easier than ever.

For retail businesses, the world is getting smaller every day. Nevertheless, it is easy to lose your bearings in the labyrinth of international customs regulations and compliance guidelines. This applies in particular to companies with supply chains that extend across various customs regions.

For these companies, border clearance across several customs jurisdictions is one of the challenges they face. In view of the multitude of different laws, guidelines and procedures, they run the permanent risk of [...]

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Freight Quote Tool

Calculate the price and transit time for your road freight delivery in just a few steps.

Convenient and ideally suited to medium-sized companies, the new tool allows customers to calculate and plan their European deliveries in just a few minutes.

Price and transit time information for European deliveries is provided without requiring prior registration. Customers only need to enter a minimum of information to obtain key transport information. The tool also makes placing orders and processing extremely convenient.

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freight platform

Saloodo! helps consigners find the ideal transport company with just a few clicks. It also makes it easier for freight service providers to identify the right cargo, partial loads and full loads in order to make optimal use of their shipping capacity.

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