The Delivery Window in Asia Must Be Shor...

Study An investigation by Logistikberatung Miebach into the subject of distribution in the Asia Pacific space has revealed that the heterogeneous region is increasingly gaining in importance as a sales market for German companies. The frontrunner in this connection is China. Already 20 percent of the 126 companies questioned generate more than 15 percent of […]

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October capacity increase

Transport Barometer

In October market capacities are balanced Capacity increase vs. September less pronounced than in previous years (2%-points only)

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Major increase

New heavy trucks

Major increase in truck registrations in H1, speeding up at the end of spring In June 2015 new heavy truck registrations saw a marked increase of 33% Spain (+105%), still benefiting from the government incentive program, largely contributed to this positive outcome, followed by Italy (+51%), the UK (+40%) and France (+35%) In H1 the […]

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Diesel Price

While diesel price reaches low levels, other cost factors like toll continue to rise significantly Example TOLL GERMANY: Toll threshold lowered to 7.5 tons From 1 October 2015, all trucks over 7.5 tons will have to pay a toll on all motorways and certain other major roads. Previously the tax only applied to trucks over […]

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Amadou Diallo

CEO Message

Welcome to the last issue of Freight Connections for 2015. It’s been a busy few months since our last issue, with new services and processes being rolled out across Europe and beyond. A key area I would like to highlight is the Life Sciences & Healthcare (LSHC) sector which has been one of our five […]

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