Around the world at full speed

The MotoGP™ – that’s 18 Grand Prix races in 14 countries on four continents. And since 2015, DHL has been the logistics partner to ensure that all the equipment gets to where it is needed on time.

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Current industry report on transport/logistics

Personnel and fuel the main cost drivers...

A quarter of total costs are spent on personnel, a third on fuel, according to the current industry report on transport/logistics by Commerzbank.

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Interview with Amadou Diallo

From the Vatican to Singapore

Freight Connections has reinvented itself: new look, new content, new services, greater topicality. Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight has this to say about the relaunch.

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Weak start to the year

Transport barometer

An industry in search of freight

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Electronic emergency braking systems

The crash avoider

Electronic emergency braking systems make heavy goods transportation even safer. DHL trucks are now also equipped with the new technology.

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Customers with special requirements

Deliveries to the Vatican have to follow their own specific rules

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