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Short survey

How useful do you find the Europe-wide use of ...?

Please tell us your opinion on the subject of long trucks! You will be shown the current status of the survey directly after submitting your opinion. We will publish the final result (as of 30.04.2016) on this website.

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Road toll

Belgium helps itself

New system, new calculation, new scope – the road toll in Belgium will result in new additional costs for road transport.

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Delays on shipments are likely

Brussels under attack

Terrorist acts in the Belgian capital could cause severe disruptions to European supply chains.

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Road package

Well hidden

The road transportation package of the European Commission – the so-called road package – will probably be unpacked and the individual elements distributed to various different points of the second annual work programme.

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Vasa race in Sweden

Following in their fathers’ tracks

DHL Freight gets the Vasa race in Sweden rolling

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Benelux pushing ahead

Green light for gigaliners – even across national borders

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