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Gotthard base tunnel

Straight through the middle

The Gotthard base tunnel is driving intermodal transport. 30 days after its official opening, one thing is certain: The Swiss have kept to their schedule and will send the first scheduled freight trains through the tunnel by the end of 2016.

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The World Is Not Enough

DHL supports Astrobotic to develop lunar delivery service.

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The pain of parting

It was close. Very close. But the decision has been made. 51.9 per cent of Britons voted in favour of an exit from the EU. For logistics in Europe, this step will have a significant impact – although, not necessarily only a negative one.

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Union Customs Code

Across all borders

The reorganization of the European customs code involves quite some effort for logistics companies to adapt their processes.

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Customer Satisfaction

People still make the difference!

E-Commerce is changing the landscape of logistics. But it is the “human” sales representatives who will continue to remain the key brand ambassadors, as illustrated by Rainer Schmid, Director Marketing & Sales DHL Freight.

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DHL Carbon Calculator

Intelligent algorithms

The DHL Carbon Calculator enables emissions calculation for almost all shipment sizes and modes of transport – for local, national and international deliveries.

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