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"Robotics in Logistics"

(We are) the robots

Deutsche Post DHL study: Collaborative robots indispensible in the future of logistics.

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A roller coaster ride in spring

Transport barometer

In the 2nd quarter of the year the European transport market recorded a slight cargo overhang with an average cargo to cargo space ratio of 52:48.

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High voltage for the highway

Sweden has opened the world’s first e-highway, where trucks can drive with electricity from overhead cables.

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Please move up!

Safer, more efficient and even fuel-saving – these are the benefits promised by platooning technology. However, whether we will soon see rows of trucks driving closely behind each other on motorways is not only a question of technology, but especially of politics.

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Pulling all the strings

The outsourcing of logistics is key of Syngenta’s strategy. The leading global agricultural group with headquarters in Basel relies on fourth-party logistics providers (4PL). And that’s where DHL comes into play.

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