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Never mind!

Results of the Freight Connections survey on the impact of BREXIT on businesses.

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Delivery 2020

Where will technology take us?

Advanced technology is just arriving in the delivery space and by 2020 it will be in full swing. What will it look like and how can we prepare? An essay by Dr. Michael Lierow.

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Tops and flops: customs efficiency

In for a fast crossing?

Customs efficiency describes the speed, simplicity and predictability for goods to pass through the import and export controls of a country. Which country is one step ahead?

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Illegal price-fixing

An expensive clique

Record fine for truck cartel – compensation for aggrieved parties.

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Aircraft assembly

The right fit!

DHL Freight provides individual and reliable solutions for highly complex logistics chain in aeronautics.

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Intermodal transportation

Staying on the ground

Overland to Asia – new routes for overseas trade

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