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Drugstore chain dm

Good distribution

For nearly a decade, the drugstore chain dm has been counting on the expertise of DHL Freight.

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export market

Bridge to Iran

DHL Freight is opening up the Iranian export market for German and European companies. Teams of experts are organizing Iran transports from the gateways in Frankfurt and Istanbul. An experienced partner is at hand to ensure everything goes smoothly on location.

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Big birds taking off

Aviation logistics is an extremely complex business, which DHL understands masterfully. This was once again proven by the Best Performer Award from Airbus.

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Fresh Fruits

Juice up your life

Food logistics – how produce moves from farm to consumer – is not well-known by the public. These behind-the-scenes steps are vital to ensure quality, safety and traceability in a global food supply.

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Upwind in the autumn

Transport barometer

The TimoCom transport barometer for the third quarter of 2016 showed a cargo to cargo space ratio of 55:45.

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