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Intelligent Transport Systems

Talk is Golden

By 2019, the European Union aims to create the conditions for communication between vehicles and traffic infrastructure and thus reduce congestion and accidents.

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German Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions

Back on common ground

After a year working with different General Terms and Conditions, the logistics associations in Germany have once again agreed on a common set of rules for the transportation industry. It has been in place since the start of the year.

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Nordson Corporation

Strong cooperation

DHL Freight is Nordson Corporation’s reliable partner for all logistics throughout Europe – and soon even beyond.

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Electricity, gas, hydrogen

Alternatives from the filling pump

To really push ahead with electricity, gas and hydrogen – that’s the goal of the German national strategic framework (NSR) for the construction of infrastructure for alternative fuels. Subsidies for heavy goods transport are also included. The Federal Cabinet adopted the NSR on 9 November 2016.

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Video of the month

Like a spring chicken

It is possible to jump 51 meters with a truck – well, maybe not for everyone. But professional stuntman Gregg Godfrey managed to surmount that distance for his world record jump.

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Comment by Eugen Weinberg, Commerzbank

Not a permanent high

The price of oil has risen about 20 percent since the beginning of August and again surpassed the psychological mark of $ 50 per barrel, which has also boosted the price of diesel. The crucial aspect for the rise in oil prices was an improvement of the general mood on the oil market.

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