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Alternative Drivetrains

Powered by water

Heavy trucks with alternative drivetrains, without CO2 emissions? This was the stuff of science fiction for a long time, not least because of the lacking range of pure battery vehicles. A solution: Fuel cells. The first vehicles are already on the roads.

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Country report

Successfully countersteered

Greece was hit hard during the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent public debt crisis: Economic output fell by around a quarter. In order to survive economically under these conditions, logistics companies had to think innovatively. DHL Freight invested instead of saving, and was right.

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Top 10

Crossing borders with ease

From the current Logistics Performance Index by the World Bank: The countries with the highest ranking in border formality evaluations!

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Video of the month

Passing a camel through a needle’s...

What is the definition of real car control? See for yourself!

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Comment by Eugen Weinberg, Commerzbank

Only a temporary calm

The supply of crude oil has risen again during the last few months. This went unnoticed by many end consumers due to the low water levels of the European inland waterways. And 2019 is not bound to bring relief to the strain at the diesel market.

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Road Tolls

Spiralling upwards

Another year, another toll increase – in 2019, legislators in many European countries will continue to push up toll fees. What do drivers and freight forwarders have to expect?

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