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New Heavy Truck Registration

Italy is craving for juggernauts

Comparing the figures from December 2016 and the same month in the year before, the heavy truck registrations within the European Union grew by 16.1 percent. The country with the most gain is Italy (+ 200 percent).

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Concert logistics

Transportation with a special touch

Top quality transportation is a must to ensure the sound is just right for the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, even on tour. Sounds like a job for DHL, our official logistics partner.

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Tops and flops: infrastructure

In good shape?

In its Logistics Performance Index (LPI), the World Bank ranks 160 states according to different logistics criteria – including the “quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure”.

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DHL launches Saloodo!

Freight Fast Forward

With the smart and brand-new marketplace Saloodo!, DHL is further promoting digitalization in the logistics industry and bringing shippers and transport providers together on an online platform. Saloodo! enables a shipping process that is particularly quick, safe and transparent for both sides. But how does it actually work? DHL Freight Connections introduces the new digital freight platform.

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Automatic loading and unloading systems

30 minutes less

Automatic loading and unloading systems save valuable time at the loading ramp. And they can do even more.

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Video of the month

Taking off to the extremes

Paragliding of mountain slopes – a feat (nearly) everyone can accomplish. In contrast. taking off from a level street towed by a truck takes real precision and the skills of a professional stunt performer! See for yourself!

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