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“DHL Freight is the heart of logistics...

An interview with Uwe Brinks, who has been the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DHL Freight since January.

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Country Report Germany

Transport hub for Europe

Germany is the largest market in terms of turnover and has DHL Freight’s densest network.

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The future of recharcheable batteries?

Powering the tech revolution

The next step change in battery power for the tech revolution could be just around the corner, thanks to a breakthrough in the design of new lithium-oxygen batteries.

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Comment by Eugen Weinberg, Commerzbank

US on it's way to the top

The price of diesel has increased almost continuously in the past few months. A variety of factors have contributed to this development: the sharply rising oil prices, the weak Euro, and great demand, which has also supported refinery margins.

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Statistic of the month

Splitting a giant

Harbor logistics are vital to the economy. One look at the statistics behind the movement of goods for one ship is sufficient to prove that.

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Customs services

Seamless service

With its various customs activities, DHL Freight provides a vast range of efficient and diverse customs services – now also with it’s own dedicated customs team in Spain.

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