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Load Factor

Resilient market development despite ...

Commentary on the current situation in the European logistics industry and the load factor during the second quarter 2018 from Martin Veen, Head of M&A and strategic projects, DHL Freight.

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Statistic of the month

Traffic jam in numbers

Ever more cars are rushing the confined space of public places, with the resultant consequences.

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Fixed Delivery Day

A reliable option!

The new delivery day option provides DHL Freight EuroConnect customers with planning security and flexibility.

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Loading times

A snag at the ramp

Waiting times and unclear responsibilities: Germany’s loading ramps do not always run smoothly. This is currently reported by the Federal Office for Freight Traffic.

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Issue 2/2018 published

The story so far…

Download now: The new print edition of DHL Freight Connections presents the most important stories of the recent months.

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