Network Improvements

Update on DHL Freight Network

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Management Message

Quality time for our customers

If you’re in a rush, it’s sometimes easy to overlook certain details. That’s why DHL Freight is giving its sales team time and space for even more intensive customer relationships.

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Delivery of first E-Truck

Enjoy the silence

Electrically-powered trucks are an important element in air quality improvement in major cities. As a driver of innovation in environmental protection, DHL Freight is starting an endurance test with the first heavy production vehicles.

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A costly divorce

Brexit is presenting particular demands for the logistics industry. DHL Freight is on top of these challenges and is rising to them on several levels.

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Properly regulated?

Who pays and who is liable? Incoterms bindingly define these two central issues in international freight forwarding and have been doing so for more than 80 years.

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Driving assistance systems

Protection all around

Making driving safer is one of the most important goals in the development of driver assistance systems. But they can do even more, from environmental benefits to self-driving cars.

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