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Artificial Intelligence might force a re...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among the foremost fields in scientific research. But are there any fields within the logistics industry where AI might become a real factor in the future?

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Alternative drivetrains

Are E-Trucks the future?

More and more truck manufacturers are betting on E-Drives. Established brands and newcomers alike find themselves in a neck-and-neck race.

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New Heavy Truck Registration

Uphill trend in March

t the moment the market for Heavy Goods Vehicles of 16 tons and above does show a significant upswing.

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New index

Lead indicator for Global Trade

DHL is using artificial intelligence for trade forecasting. This gives companies an additional source of information for their business decisions.

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Trusting the future of trucking

The completely autnomous controlled truck will become a reality. That is a fact. But are consigners & such really ready to rely on the new technology?

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Alpine transit

Keeping them rolling

The Alps are the most accessible high mountain range worldwide. Nevertheless, there is a persistent risk of a gridlock.

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