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Air racers

Innovation on the fly

When pilots with opaque goggles can still see and when drones fly at over 100 kilometers per hour, adrenaline is the order of the day.

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Toll system changes

Please pay!

There will be a lot of changes to the tolls in Europe in 2018 – unfortunately the trend is almost always upwards. What reforms can fleet operators and truck drivers expect? A selection of important new regulations in individual countries.

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Parking situation

It’s getting cramped

Where do I park my truck? The search for parking spaces is becoming a daily negative experience for Europe’s truck drivers. A recent study points to potential approaches to solutions.

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Continuous improvement

The primary focus of the FREIGHT 2020 strategy are our customers.

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Short Survey

A motion of confidence?

Would you entrust a completely autonomous truck with your load? Tell us your opinion and win a miniature truck model!

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[Photo: Embark Trucks]

Autonomous driving

Hands off!

650 miles without a driver through the southern United States – not an utopia, but rather a reality.

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