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Animal transport

Sharks on wheels

DHL Freight often transports extraordinary freight, but living sharks were also new for the logistics experts. The spectacular passengers survived the 1,320 kilometer ride safe and sound.

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Short Survey

Between a rock and a hard place?

The trade conflict between the USA and Europe does not show any signs of abating, instead it could flare up any moment. Will your business be affected?

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Quality creates trust

If you want safe and secure delivery of your high-quality products to your customers, you need a competent partner. For 20 years, global capsule manufacturer Qualicaps has relied on DHL Freight to handle deliveries to the pharmaceutical industry in Germany and abroad.

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Dr. Thomas Vogel, Chief Operations Officer (COO) DHL Freight [Photo: DHL]

Thomas Vogel

Strong network

Continually increasing freight volumes are a challenge for logistic experts in Europe. DHL Freight is already setting the operational course for the challenges of tomorrow in terms of organization, infrastructure, and personnel.

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Real-time tracking

Connected Supply Chain for BMW

DHL Freight not only prolonged it’s partnership with BMW, but expanded it significantly.

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