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Loading times

A snag at the ramp

Waiting times and unclear responsibilities: Germany’s loading ramps do not always run smoothly. This is currently reported by the Federal Office for Freight Traffic.

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Issue 2/2018 published

The story so far…

Download now: The new print edition of DHL Freight Connections presents the most important stories of the recent months.

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Lists of the best

Quality of roads

Freshly paved motorway or bumpy dirt track? Which countries are ranked on top with regards to the best road infrastructure (extent and condition)? See our top-lists.

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Freight Theft

Unpleasant record

In 2017, the number of freight thefts once again increased significantly. On the other hand, a whole bundle of actions, from protection technology and intelligent route planning to decisive action by politics can help.

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Logistics for winners

Vaulting poles, winners’ podiums, plus jerseys and shoes for 1,600 athletes: when the European Athletics Championships take place in Berlin this August, DHL employees will be in the thick of the action, ensuring gold-medal worthy logistics.

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Operational excellence

DHL Freight Finland is working systematically on improving its processes. Rocla Oy, an industrial company based in Järvenpää, also benefits from this.

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