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E-mobile into the future

The StreetScooter WORK – now available in XL

The WORK XL with even more cargo space is the latest development from the electro-mobility manufacturer StreetScooter. DHL Freight also relies on the emissions-free, quiet speedster.

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Issue 3/2018 published

The story so far…

Download now: The new print edition of DHL Freight Connections comprises the most important stories of the last quarter.

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Video of the month

Rapid response from the air

Drones can be more than just a toy or military equipment – they save lives! 

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DHL research report

Success factor ground transport

In its latest research report, DHL establishes that corporations around the globe are convinced that their business success depends, amongst others, on the quality of road freight transportation.

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Steffen Bilger [Photo: Steffen Bilger, photographer Andreas Essig]


“More mobility with less emissions”

Steffen Bilger, Federal Government Coordinator for Freight Transport and Logistics: Road freight transport of the future will become sustainable, digital, and intermodal.

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CEO Uwe Brinks

We lead the way!

DHL is anticipating future developments and is constantly adapting its products and also its infrastructure to meet upcoming challenges. And these are huge, from changing demands within the supply chains up to political regulations.

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