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Toll system changes

Please pay!

There will be a lot of changes to the tolls in Europe in 2018 – unfortunately the trend is almost always upwards.

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Parking situation

It’s getting cramped

Where do I park my truck? The search for parking spaces is becoming a daily negative experience for Europe’s truck drivers. A recent study points to potential approaches to solutions.

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Continuous improvement

The primary focus of the FREIGHT 2020 strategy are our customers.

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Short Survey

A motion of confidence?

Would you entrust a completely autonomous truck with your load? Tell us your opinion and win a miniature truck model!

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Autonomous driving

Hands off!

650 miles without a driver through the southern United States – not an utopia, but rather a reality.

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Load Factor

Strong demand

The current situation in the European logistics industry and the load factor at the turn of the year 2017/18 – a commentary from Martin Veen, Head of M&A & Strategic Projects, DHL Freight.

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