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Customer survey

Share your opinion with us!

Continual improvement is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. However, such improvement can only be achieved by those, who have their services and the associated efficiencies regularly evaluated. In light of this fact, this year’s customer satisfaction survey will start on 12 March 2019.

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Network Improvements

Update on DHL Freight Network

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Success story

Heroes of the night

Driving while everyone else sleeps. For two years now, DHL Freight Denmark has been shipping deliveries to construction sites, workshops, factories and other locations on an urgent basis – and all between midnight and 7 am. Although they may not come across any people in doing so, the drivers manage to make around 2000 total deliveries daily – and practically without any errors.

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Das neue Freight Quotation Tool ist in 28 Ländern und 23 verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar.

Quotation Tool

Just click for the price

The new Freight Quotation Tool allows DHL Freight customers and prospects to get information on the prices of scheduled shipments in seconds without even having to register. For instance, how much does it cost to ship a 1,200-kilo pallet from Munich to Bilbao? Or how long will a 450-kilo power generator take to get from Stockholm […]

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Hydrogen Technology

The nucleus of the future?

Alternative drive technologies suffer from a common problem: the disproportion between range and charging time of the energy storage device. One solution could be the fuel cell. Nikola Motors is expected to launch the first mass-produced truck on the European market. The belief that the internal combustion engine will continue to play the role it […]

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Technology is the key to success

Internationale Konflikte sind aktuell die größte Gefahr für Wachstum und Stabilität der Logistikbranche– das ist eine zentrale Erkenntnis der aktuellen IRU-Studie „The Future of Road Transport“: In der Digitalisierung sieht die Branche auf der anderen Seite ihre größten Zukunftschancen.

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