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Statistic of the month

Traveling well connected

Self-reliant and precise running of a vehicle in real, everyday traffic without human input – that is the commonly accepted definition of autonomous driving. And the points toward that are set, as shown by the number of totally connected vehicles estimated to be in service by 2020.

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Your opinion:

Decidedly undecided

Results of the Freight Connections survey on the effects of banning diesel engines in cities.

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Network Improvements

Update on DHL Freight Network

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Roadmap to reform

Recipe for growth

To promote road transport around the world – that is the subject of the guide the World Bank presented at the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in Marrakech.

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Video of the month

Spoiler: A look at the future

What is that, a submarine, an UFO? No, it is a revolutionary concept for a future truck or bus.

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Job skills

Are you ready for industry 4.0?

Job skills are changing rapidly as automation advances across almost every area of industry. What skills will people need as business embraces the fourth industrial revolution?

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