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DHL white paper

Flexibility is the clincher on the last ...

In 2030, 600 million more humans will be living in the world’s metropolitan areas in 2030 than today. Collaborating with Euromonitor, DHL has identified the four main trends that are shaping future delivery services to these customers.

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Advent calendar

Let yourself be surprised - every day!

A little celebration every morning – brought to you exclusively by DHL Freight!

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Readers survey - take part and win

How do you like DHL Freight Connections?

Several times a week we update this website to provide you stories about current topics within the logistics industry and the most important developments at DHL Freight. But how do you like it?

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Customer satisfaction

Well scored!

The customers of DHL Freight rate our services as good overall – that is shown by the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) 2018. This is a further proof that the strategy FREIGHT 2020 is the right approach for the foreseeable future.

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Electric trucks

Enormous potential with a question mark

2.25 million electric powered trucks up until 2025 – that is the market potential for zero emission transport vehicles estimated by recognized experts. Provided that new business models, improved battery technology and public infrastructure are going to keep in sync with future requirements.

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Driver recruiting

Jobs with a perspective!

The driver shortage within the logistics sector could lead to significant capacity shortages in the near future. To prevent this from the outset, DHL Freight has started a pilot project offering employees long-term career prospects and simultaneously establishes a reliable personnel pool for peak seasons.

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