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Electricity, gas, hydrogen

Alternatives from the filling pump

To really push ahead with electricity, gas and hydrogen – that’s the goal of the German national strategic framework (NSR) for the construction of infrastructure for alternative fuels. Subsidies for heavy goods transport are also included. The Federal Cabinet adopted the NSR on 9 November 2016.

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Driving style comparison

Speeding is not worth it

The DVZ driving style comparison shows: less is more. Whoever reduces the cruising speed only a little can save a significant amount over an entire year.

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Illegal cabotage

A loss of control

Illegal cabotage has become a mass phenomenon. What is needed is state intervention and control.

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America is crumbling

The United States are going under in traffic jams, as roads and bridges are increasingly falling into disrepair. But that should now change thanks to the FAST Act.

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Delivery 2020

Where will technology take us?

Advanced technology is just arriving in the delivery space and by 2020 it will be in full swing. What will it look like and how can we prepare? An essay by Dr. Michael Lierow.

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Illegal price-fixing

An expensive clique

Record fine for truck cartel – compensation for aggrieved parties.

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