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Tops and flops: infrastructure

In good shape?

In its Logistics Performance Index (LPI), the World Bank ranks 160 states according to different logistics criteria – including the “quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure”.

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Automatic loading and unloading systems

30 minutes less

Automatic loading and unloading systems save valuable time at the loading ramp. And they can do even more.

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Emission-free cities

Gasping for air

Europe’s big cities getting serious: Will diesels soon be banished from city centers?

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DHL Global Connectedness Index

Netherlands is worldchampion!

DHL Global Connectedness Index shows: global connectedness increases continualy and Netherlands is the world’s most connected country

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Don’t break the porcelain

China wants to be recognized by the West as a market economy and hopes that this will lead to import facilitation. But Europe is not cooperating.

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Smarter transport

The UN commission of experts for sustainable transport has presented its results. It calls for a well-thought-out future strategy with environmentally friendly engines, a reduction of unnecessary routes and better infrastructure.

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