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Emission-free cities

Gasping for air

Europe’s big cities getting serious: Will diesels soon be banished from city centers?

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DHL Global Connectedness Index

Netherlands is worldchampion!

DHL Global Connectedness Index shows: global connectedness increases continualy and Netherlands is the world’s most connected country

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Don’t break the porcelain

China wants to be recognized by the West as a market economy and hopes that this will lead to import facilitation. But Europe is not cooperating.

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Smarter transport

The UN commission of experts for sustainable transport has presented its results. It calls for a well-thought-out future strategy with environmentally friendly engines, a reduction of unnecessary routes and better infrastructure.

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Electricity, gas, hydrogen

Alternatives from the filling pump

To really push ahead with electricity, gas and hydrogen – that’s the goal of the German national strategic framework (NSR) for the construction of infrastructure for alternative fuels. Subsidies for heavy goods transport are also included. The Federal Cabinet adopted the NSR on 9 November 2016.

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Driving style comparison

Speeding is not worth it

The DVZ driving style comparison shows: less is more. Whoever reduces the cruising speed only a little can save a significant amount over an entire year.

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