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Top countries

A question of timing

That is top rated: Accuracy is written with a capital “A” in these countries!

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Online advent calendar

Let us surprise you!

For logisticians, for gamers, for home bakers, for hobbyists, for riddle solvers and know-it-alls.

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International Supply Chain Conference

It’s an opportunity, not a threat

The 34th International Supply Chain Conference addressed the digital revolution as a change in the way the industry has to think and act.

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European lawmaking

Always on the move

The EU Commission has proposed a new set of rules for road transport. They concern road charging, market access and social conditions applicable to drivers. All of which are valued by DHL Freight.

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Sharing economy logistics

Sharing: a lesson for more than just kin...

“Sharing instead of owning” is not some flash-in-the-pan trend. As a new business model, it offers many opportunities, especially for logistics. DHL has just released a report on this evolving revolution underway.

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Measurement methods

Zero emissions in practice

Logistics with zero emissions is an ambitious goal. But how is that zero calculated? Standards are required. Homogeneous measurement methods across all modes of transport are important. If these are missing, progress can be hindered.

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