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Asia Pacific Innovation Center

Visions you can touch

DHL opens Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore

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Interview with Christian Labrot

New image

Since January Christian Labrot is the new President of the IRU (International Road Union). In an interview with DHL Freight Connections he talks about the new direction of the world association – and introduces the new corporate image of the IRU.

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Wanted: Reinforcements for the team

The influx of refugees is providing new prospects for industries in which young generation is in short supply. Many companies have already become active in the field of freight traffic logistics – DHL Freight is also stepping on it

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Hungary: tracking solutions

Smart anti-theft security

Preventing the theft of goods with special tracking solutions

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As Pharma­ceutical Industry ...

Due to its geographical positioning in Central Europe, Hungary has long been an important market for DHL Freight. With its main industries including mining, construction materials, processed foods, chemicals (especially pharmaceuticals), and motor verhicles, the country has a structural, political and institutional open econcomy. The country also has a highly developed road, railway, air and […]

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DHL and Toyota Material Handling

DHL Freight, one of the leading providers of road freight DHL Freight, one of the leading providers of road freight services in Europe, has signed a contract with Toyota Material Handling Group, the leading brand of material handling equipment, to provide transportation of their newly launched line of racking systems from the suppliers to the […]

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