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BVL commenting on the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan

No breakthrough

The 21st of March 2016 was an important date for the future of the German logistics sector. It was on that day that Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt introduced the draft bill for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030. But how do Germany’s logistics experts evaluate the decisions, and what expectations do they have of the current discussion phase? Freight Connections spoke with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Klinkner, Chairman of the Board of the German Logistics Association (BVL).

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Amadou Diallo asks:

Do you know Africa?

Amadou Diallo, CEO DHL Freight, corrects our image of Africa.

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USA: Driver Coercion Rule

New rules

USA now protecting truck drivers from schedules that are too tight, and making electronic logging devices mandatory.

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Iran has great potential

The end of the ice age

The frozen economic relations with Iran are beginning to thaw. The easing of sanctions is providing optimism in the economy.

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Schengen Agreement

The cost of controls

Europe is discussing the temporary suspension of the Schengen Agreement – with fatal consequences for the economy

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Electronic emergency braking systems

The crash avoider

Electronic emergency braking systems make heavy goods transportation even safer. DHL trucks are now also equipped with the new technology.

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